Neil Kramer

Photographer and Writer
Location: Queens, New york
Nationality: American
Biography: Neil Kramer is a dynamic storyteller with twenty years of experience in photography, writing, and filmmaking.  His work combines humor and compassion in the telling of stories about personal relationships, including those from his own life.... MORE
News Published
Art + Science: The Pandemic: Neil Kramer - LENSCRATCH
neil kramer
Dec 17, 2022
During the COVID-19 pandemic, many of the artists who were able to avoid severe illness or hospitalization were given a unique gift of time to respond to our world in a state of upheaval. Many were inspired to create new projects that responded to the unique time in our world. Others had the opportunity to

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Quarantine in Queens on Eyewitness News ABC 7 NYC

Neil Kramer

New York Now: Museum of the City of New York

Neil Kramer
Media News

NPR: Three's company: A man sticks out the pandemic with his ex-wife and his mother

Neil Kramer
Events News

Quarantine in Queens exhibit extended at Headon Photography Festival in Sydney, Australia

Neil Kramer / Sydney, Australia
Media News

Feature in Brigitte Magazine, Germany

Neil Kramer
Art + Science: The Pandemic: Neil Kramer - LENSCRATCH by Neil Kramer
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