Martin Czarnecki

Streets of Mumbai
Location: Hamburg
Nationality: German
Biography: Born in 1965 in Hamburg  1988-1991 successfully completed photography apprenticeship 1992-1996 studied architecture in Hamburg He works as a self-employed architect in Hamburg. He has repeatedly worked on his own photographic projects since... read on
Public Story
Streets of Mumbai
Copyright Martin Czarnecki 2022
Date of Work Nov 2019 - Dec 2019
Updated Mar 2020
Location Mumbai
I was curious about Mumbai and traveled there for 2 weeks at the end of 2019 to take street portraits. Mumbai is a place of extreme contrasts. On the one hand it is the financial metropolis of India with corresponding wealth and on the other hand it is the most densely populated place in the world (Dharavi with approx. 300,000 people / km2) with precarious living conditions. My hotel was located in the new business district Bandra Kurla Complex, just north of the Mithi River. Dharavi, Mumbai's largest slum, is located just south of the Mithi River. Every morning and evening a tuk-tuk journey between the worlds. In Dharavi and other slums I met poor, hard working and very friendly people. The curiosity about me was just as great as my curiosity. I was very impressed by the serenity of people across religions. In the slums, living and working lies side by side or one above the other. Small factories and workshops recycle and repair. The population density in Dharavi is about as high as if the entire world population would live in the area of Belgium. There is a lack of clean drinking water. The wastewater is led into the river. The moment I am writing this text at the end of March 2020, I am very concerned about the COVID-19-pandemic and its impact on Mumbai. It will probably not be possible to slow down the spread of the virus in the slums.
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