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Playa de los Pensionistas
Location: Hamburg
Nationality: German
Biography: Born in 1965 in Hamburg  1988-1991 successfully completed photography apprenticeship 1992-1996 studied architecture in Hamburg He works as a self-employed architect in Hamburg. He has repeatedly worked on his own photographic projects since... read on
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Playa de los Pensionistas
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Updated 01/06/13

The Spanish Mediterranean coast or to be more precise, the Costa Blanca at the tail end of the season in September – impressions along the N-332 coast road between the tourist resorts of Benidorm and Mar Menor...

Attracted by the climate of Southern Spain, many Northern European pensioners, mainly from Britain, spend part of the year on this area of the coast. They stay in large hotel complexes in the resorts or in private villas in "Urbanizaciónes" in the countryside. Here, new housing estates have emerged in recent years, with names like "San Jose II", which consist of massproduced homes build in what Northern Europeans consider Mediterranean style. Despite promotional coach trips, sales have faltered since 2008.

Next to the over-crowded urban centres, deserted non-resorts, the result of a burst real estate bubble, fossilise, portrayed in a harsh light on 70 photos, 34 of these are panoramic images.

I published an eBook (free of charge) on this topic at Apples iTunes store and at blurb where also a print-on-demand-book is available. 

Honorable Mention of this series at Photo Annual Award 2013:


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By Martin Czarnecki — I published an eBook (free of charge) on this topic in the Apple® iBookstore ..

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