Mary Vignoles

Photo Editor
My Photo Editor Mind - Websites run amok
Location: Salem, Oregon
Biography: I am an award-winning professional picture editor who has helped photographers tell their stories and elevate their work, whether it was still images or video. Every photo project, every portfolio, and every collection of photos must have a... read on
My Photo Editor Mind - Websites run amok
mary vignoles
Sep 5, 2018
Why does your website have anything and everything you ever shot? If this is just for vanity, go right ahead, but if you are trying to get work, stop for a minute and think what you are telling me. I’ll tell you: I have no sense of who I am as a photographer. I have no idea what a good picture is, or for that matter, what a good story is. I care more about my ego than I do about the message of my images. I think every picture I take is worth viewing, which clearly translates into I don’t know a good picture if it hit me over the head. If you hire me, you will have no idea what you are getting because I clearly have no sense of myself. Get it? 

That’s not to say any of this is true, it’s just the message you are sending. I can help you organize your website so your message is clear.

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