Ilisa Katz Rissman

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Location: Brooklyn, NY
Nationality: USA
Biography: Visit Ilisa's website: Ilisa Katz Rissman   Katz RIssman began her career as a commercial still life photographer before dedicating herself soley to shooting long-term personal projects, choosing large format analog... read on
Public Project
Rental Home
Credits: ilisa katz rissman
Date of Work: 07/01/15 - Ongoing
Updated: 11/09/18

Looking back is never easy. What do we choose to memorialize and what do we choose to forget? Is memory ever a true representation of an event or rather an interpretation we impose on the past based on our wishes, disappointments, hopes, and regrets? 

Rental Home grew out of considerable time spent with my family in homes belonging to others. A rental home is a respite but also a place of transience. I've attempted to create a visual narrative showing how the elements of light, objects, and space unique to each environment have meshed with our lives. Over years, this series has evolved into a contemplation of time -- looking back and discerning how we grow from painful moments and challenges, and realizing how fluid memories can be.


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