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Mr. Frampton
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Nationality: USA
Biography:         I am a photographer, a native New Yorker, currently based in New York City. My humanistic interest in documenting stories began after exploring and working in Central America. Soon after I enrolled in... MORE
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Mr. Frampton
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Updated Feb 2016
Topics Documentary, Photography
Completed in 2014 with a grant/fellowship from The Rita and Alex Hillman Foundation

Healthcare in general can be quite a challenge and struggle for the aging population due to a number of reasons, causing a shortfall in services to the elderly. This becomes more pronounced when these services and necessary resources becomes inadequate for our military veterans.

This series is about a father and daughters' relationship and how the daughter became the primary caretaker for her father, at his home in the midland region of South Carolina. Mr. Frampton was born in 1933, a Veteran of the USAF during the Korean War. He came from a family of farmers in Varnville, South Carolina. In April of 2014, his condition began to deteriorate. Mr. Frampton was diagnosed with Rheumatic Fever, Pneumonia and Stage 4 Throat Cancer. His daughter, Chris, as well as the rest of the family, decided to bring him home to die. A few mornings a week, hospice care was provided - more care was needed however. Without hesitation, Chris elected to move nearby so she could provide around the clock care for her father.

Day to day activities can take on a whole new perspective and often at times can become very emotional, exhausting and difficult for those involved. However a deeper connection develops. For Chris, it became an honor to take on the role and care of her father.

Mr. Frampton had passed away at his home at 4:30 AM on December 14, 2014 with his daughter, Chris by his bedside.
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Mr. Frampton by Brian Driscoll
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