Anna Kalapazana

Photographer, Visual storyteller
Gabrovo carnival
Location: Bulgaria, Sofia
Nationality: Bulgarian
Biography: Anna Kalapazana is a documentary and experimental photographer based in Bulgaria. Her photography work focuses on exploring a post-communist society, its values, and formed cityscapes. She studied Visual Arts at New Bulgarian University, Sofia,... read on

By Anna Kalapazana —


Wine on film

By Anna Kalapazana — Wine on film turned out to be an interesting collaboration between me and chance. During a transitional moment in my life  I went on a short..

24th of May

By Anna Kalapazana — Every year on May 24th Bulgarians celebrate the Day of Bulgarian Education and Culture and Slavonic Literature. The celebration in the town of..

One day princess (Ongoing)

By Anna Kalapazana — I began a series about celebrating the end of the senior year at high schoool in Bulgaria. It is a very popular and exiting day for the young..

I have a good feeling about it

By Anna Kalapazana — Black and white visions of around me experiences, places, people who by chance (destiny's guilt) happen to be on my path.
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