Anna Kalapazana

Photographer, Visual storyteller
24th of May
Location: Bulgaria, Sofia
Nationality: Bulgarian
Biography: Anna Kalapazana is a documentary and experimental photographer based in Bulgaria. Her photography work focuses on exploring a post-communist society, its values, and formed cityscapes. She studied Visual Arts at New Bulgarian University, Sofia,... read on
Public Story
24th of May
Copyright anna kalapazana 2021
Date of Work 05/24/19 - 05/24/19
Updated 05/23/19

Every year on May 24th Bulgarians celebrate the Day of Bulgarian Education and Culture and Slavonic Literature. The celebration in the town of Gabrovo includes a parade of marching students and their teachers. From early on, the main street where the parade is to take place lines up with people looking for a good observation point. Students don their uniforms, sing songs, carry balloons, flags and portraits. Some of them wear a red ribbon across their chest, saying "Excellence", which means the student has graduated with top marks in all subjects. Parents are happy for their children, and kids are glad the school year is over.


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