Scott Bennett

Brazil - Soccer at Sunset
Location: San Diego, CA
Nationality: United States
Biography: Scott Bennett is a photographer and university professor living in San Diego, California. He is currently working on a long-term documentary project focusing on key themes in Latin America, including urbanization, immigration, and coffee culture.... read on
Public Story
Brazil - Soccer at Sunset
Credits: scott bennett
Date of Work: 03/26/17 - 03/26/17
Updated: 04/27/17
During a five-week stay in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, I spent time at Ipanema Beach shooting photos of groups playing soccer. On an especially beautiful evening, I found a group of young soccer players who graciously let me take photos of them for almost an hour. Although the subject matter is the same, each photo has a different composition and nuance, and the light was just remarkable. I am happy to share the passion, beauty, and skill of these players as the sun goes down over Two Brothers (Dois Irmãos) in the background. While the beach is a popular spot to shoot photos in Brazil, you don't always get amazing subjects and light like this!


By Scott Bennett —

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