Scott Bennett

Inside Out Tijuana
Location: San Diego, CA
Nationality: United States
Biography: Scott Bennett is a photographer and university professor living in San Diego, California. He is currently working on a long-term documentary project focusing on key themes in Latin America, including urbanization, immigration, and coffee culture.... read on
Public Story
Inside Out Tijuana
Credits: scott bennett
Date of Work: 10/10/18 - 10/20/18
Updated: 06/06/19
Inside Out Tijuana

12 Portraits (October 10, 2018, and October 20, 2018)

What are you doing to break down walls?

The Inside Out Tijuana project was completed during the fall of 2018 in Playas de Tijuana, Mexico. French artist JR initiated the Inside Out Project when he won the Ted Prize in 2011. For the project, we posted twelve portraits on the border wall at the Border Monument at Playas de Tijuana on Wednesday, October 10 with the Inside Out team who was visiting San Diego and just finishing the Inside Out Project Vote. We then did an action at the border wall where the wall goes into the Pacific Ocean on Saturday, October 20 with the same twelve portraits, which we posted and left on the wall. People from both the United States and Mexico appear in the portraits, and people from both the United States and Mexico helped post them on the border wall. The idea was to humanize migrants, and also show that we are much more alike than we are different, in spite of the border wall that separates us. Many who helped were also in the portraits, adding a sense of community and collaboration to the action.


By Scott Bennett —

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