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Location: Guatemala
Nationality: Guatemalteca
Biography:     My photographic art has belatedly come into my life, but not in the autumn of her. Speaking in classical terms, my photographic conception is still in its 'Prelude'.  I was born on August 6, 1960 in Guatemala... read on
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Credits: adrián urréjola
Updated: 07/13/15
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   A few months ago,I photographed a fashions show (backstage). Within a long and small room at one five stars hotel in my city. All space was filled with models and all kinds of makeup artists. It seemed as if no one had their own space and as if it was impossible to be yourself in this place.

   Nowadays It is really common that you can't be yourself and this is happening in a lot of places around the World. The Backstage is a series that show and reflects not only this but another important fact: The pleasure of being apart from the others because we try to find our own space in the growing roar of the crowd.

   Nowadays, being part of any elite group is what almost any person wants, the lesson is clear: every single person is really more lonely and has less privacy than other times. And every person wants to be more confident likewise, instead of sharing their truths and emotions with others.

   Probably the meaning of each photographed person, or each photographed face, reveals more than what any words can describe. Perhaps even reflecting our own reality. While on the other hand for the time being is reflected a loving and safe place to be within a short time, and the pleasure of being out of reach of other.

   Maybe living in backstage is more important and confidential to us than being introduced to a public, in the catwalk of life, where everyone can see us and where we will try to acquire as many 'likes' as possible.


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