Adrián Urréjola

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Location: Guatemala
Nationality: Guatemalteca
Biography:     My photographic art has belatedly come into my life, but not in the autumn of her. Speaking in classical terms, my photographic conception is still in its 'Prelude'.  I was born on August 6, 1960 in Guatemala... read on
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Zombies cities
Credits: adrián urréjola
Updated: 05/21/18

This series consists of images taken at late afternoon -  night while in a canoe in the middle of somewhere between east and west in the Lake Atitlán in Guatemala (Solola).

Dark squares delineated the structure of each house, building and corner. In the distance,  you see something skeletal and empty: uninhabited cities where there are only white walls and towers up on the mountain.

Ironically, these cities only come to life after dark because of lit light bulbs.

These images are the result of one trigger, while on a canoe struggling to find balance between the moving and lapping waves on the lake and the darkness of the night. 

A sense of silence and contemplation take over my spirit and body, as I take these images. A sense of facing the nothingness as it invades my impression that will last a long time, as I struggle to find the words to explain the experience.  

'Finally it got dark, and a wind cold blew over the lonely'
—Thus Spoke Zarathustra -


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