Adrián Urréjola

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Location: Guatemala
Nationality: Guatemalteca
Biography:     My photographic art has belatedly come into my life, but not in the autumn of her. Speaking in classical terms, my photographic conception is still in its 'Prelude'.  I was born on August 6, 1960 in Guatemala... read on
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Who is in charge?
Credits: adrián urréjola
Updated: 02/14/15

Explore and study the relationship of groups - couples through photography.

Common normal relations and daily living is the target for our analysis using photography

All the portraits of couples were taken at a meeting of the family and nobody was told the reason for the photo. All photographs were taken at long exposures no more than 1 second and to all the couples are made a countdown before the final click so that they would be ready.

In these six group portraits, advised by four psychologists ( Carol, Eva, Isa, Stefania) give us the pattern to move from a superficial analysis to deepen to a formal psychological analysis

We don't want to say that these kinds of relationships, to be released by the magnifying glass of a psychological analysis, have any clinical disorder, and need a therapy group.

The four psychologists agree on the main points of each photo-portrait and the psychology interpretation. And in each of these portraits were able to conduct a thorough and consistent analysis of the relationship group. In order not to expose and not harm the privacy of couples and maintain confidentiality, assays are not made public.

The following questions are some that the psychologists were made to make the analysis:

Who is in charge?, Who needs to be loved? Who are not comfortable in the relationship?, Who's showing his rigid character?, Where there rivalry?, The roles that they play, in all portrait does cohesion exist between the persons or are comfortable with their bodies?  ...etc. Not all images are used the same questions, but all with their facial expressions and body language, even the space and position between them, can tell us something about their relationship.


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