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Location: Guatemala
Nationality: Guatemalteca
Biography:     My photographic art has belatedly come into my life, but not in the autumn of her. Speaking in classical terms, my photographic conception is still in its 'Prelude'.  I was born on August 6, 1960 in Guatemala... read on
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3er. Festival de Body paint
Credits: adrián urréjola
Date of Work: 08/23/17 - 08/23/17
Updated: 09/06/17
Location: Guatemala city
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          "El Rostro de la Tierra"  (The Face of the Earth)   -  3er Festival de Body Paint 2017 -


Every year, the Historic Center of Guatemala organizes the 'Festival del Centro Historico' with cultural and artistic activities. One of the activities is the Body Paint Festival, which takes place in one of the main pedestrian streets of the 6th Avenue within the very center of the Historical Center. Organized by 'Colectivo Contraste' and 'Asi es mi Guate', they showed a creative, professional and responsible effort within the whole organization.

"The Face of the Earth" with the original title in the Quiche ideology of "Ru Wätch Ulew" (one of the liguistica families of the Mayan languages of our cultural pluralism) is the name of the Festival on this occasion


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