The daily life of Luisa, Riccardo and Michele with autism
Location: Venice
Nationality: Italian
Biography: BARBARA ZANON is a professional photojournalist, portrait and wedding photographer, based in Venice (Italy) since 2004 and available worldwide. 
Public Story
The daily life of Luisa, Riccardo and Michele with autism
Copyright barbara zanon 2021
Date of Work 07/21/16 - Ongoing
Updated 11/22/19
Location Umbria, Italy
This ongoing  long term project tells about a family living with Autism Spectrum Disease (ASD).

Autism is a neural development disorder characterized by impaired social interaction and deficits in verbal and nonverbal communication.

No one knows the real causes of this condition and no cures exist.
There are several treatments to autism spectrum disorders, such as drug therapy, speech therapy, psycho-motor therapy, psycho-educational therapy, pet therapy, and facilitated communication, but often families are left on their own.

Emilia (50) and Francesco (50) , live in Umbria, Italy. After having tried for a child for years, 
 they resorted successfully to artificial insemination (ICSI) and had twins: Luisa and Riccardo. Only nine months after their birth, Emilia became spontaneously pregnant with their third child, Michele.
 At two and a half years, Riccardo and Luisa were diagnosed with ASD. Unfortunately, just a year later, Michele was diagnosed with the same.

Emilia and Francesco spend from their own pockets  for various treatments, because the disability pension of Italian state covers only a small part of the needs of this family:  speech therapists who come four times a week, functional gymnastics, psycho-motor swimming therapy, pet therapy, homeopathic treatments - "to avoid resorting to drugs in small children,"- and specific foods since all three follows a special casein and gluten free diet. Emilia and Francesco work hard daily to help their children become self-sufficient, first and foremost.  And to make that possible, continuous and repetitive teaching is necessary for everything, on learning paths created specifically for each of the three children.



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