Kai Yokoyama

Just Between You and God
Location: Tokyo
Nationality: Japanese
Biography: Kai Yokoyama is a photographer based in Tokyo, Japan. Starting out as an architecture student at Saitama University, he switched his major to photography and completed his studies at Tokyo College of Photography. He has traveled the world... read on
Private Story
Just Between You and God
Credits: kai yokoyama
Date of Work: 09/24/19 - Ongoing
Updated: 05/21/20
A church named “Zion Church” in Batticaloa, Sri Lanka, was blown up on April 21, 2019.
31 people were killed by Muslim violence affected by IS.
This was a terrorist attack aimed at blasting a series of churches.

One of them is Peter, a 7-year-old boy.
After attending Sunday School at the church, he was involved in an explosion.

When his parents were looking for a name in the Bible for their son who was in my womb, they thought it would be good to name "Joshua".
 On a Sunday during the praising time, the pastor called another mother who was pregnant and said the name for the child is Joshua.
While they were crying, the pastor was standing in front of them and said:
"Jesus did not forget you, the Holy Spirit clearly says that the child in your womb will be called Peter."

The day of the bomb blasted was Easter.
This is a story of loss and rebirth.

(This is an ongoing project.)