Yukiko Yamagata

Acting Interim Director
The Open Society Foundations Documentary Photography Project
Location: New York, New York
Nationality: Japan
Biography: Yukiko Yamagata is acting director for the Open Society Foundations Documentary Photography Project , which explores the intersection of photography and social change through grantmaking, exhibitions, public programs, and workshops. Yamagata also... read on
Moving Walls 24: Exhibition & Grant
yukiko yamagata
Mar 25, 2017
Excited to announce the Call for Work for our next exhibition, which for the first time will be combined with a $20-30,000 grant. We'll be selecting 6-8 photographers and image-based artists engaging with ideas of resistance in the face of repression, discrimination, hate, and violence based on identity and legal status, such as race or citizenship. We're specifically looking for artists whose goal is to resist, question, and/or affirm, not merely to illustrate or document negative impacts as a neutral observer.

Photo by Glenna Gordon (Moving Walls 23)

By Yukiko Yamagata —

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