mariela alvarez xiloj

Location: Puerto Rico
Nationality: puerto rico
Biography: Hi I am a photographer without a camera. for many reasons including a Jurakan, i ve been without equipment for sou long. If you want to support this cause and help this single mom you can donate at least a penny at thru paypal. i... read on


this waws my last trip as a photohgrapher. It was a cruiseship to brazil for a Caras Magazine back in 2005.  Since then I became single mom and with no family support well photography went to the trash. I miss those days of full time work as a photographer, but now i dont even have a camera or a full frame clean cut one. I  wish i wish. I wonder how many opportunities I have lost. and money as well. I tried to study other things so i became a Naturopath, but you also need money for that.  Since I am poor as hell i can not offer my services at an office. Instead  I help people arounfd giving advises of how to take care of themselves. I never wanted to quit photography, I guess life wanted it. So from my experience just be want you want to be. Dont quit because then yourll be making something you were not born from and universe  will not help you on that.  is very hard to be single mom in my country so if you are an aunty or grabdmother or a father, consider helping the mom with their careers. Its worthed for everyone.