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Title 8
Location: New Orleans, LA, USA
Nationality: French
Biography: Born in 1989, Wayan is a French photographer, based in New Orleans, Louisiana. He is a member of   The Raw Society , and a stringer for AFP . Particularly sensitive to social and environmental issues, he has worked on various projects,... MORE
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Title 8
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Updated Mar 2024
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The Trump administration issued Title 42 at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. This order allowed border authorities to swiftly turn away migrants encountered at the U.S.-Mexico border, often depriving migrants of the chance to claim asylum and dramatically cutting down on border processing time. But the order also carried almost no legal consequences for migrants crossing, meaning if they were pushed back, they could try to cross again multiple times. Since May 11, 2023, Title 42 has been lifted and the US government is returning to a decades-old US code known as Title 8. Migrants apprehended may now face a swift deportation process, known as “expedited removal”, and a ban on reentry for at least five years. Title 8 also allows migrants to seek asylum, which can be a lengthy and drawn-out process that begins with what is called a credible-fear screening.

Another novelty, migrants in northern and central Mexico can use a new government phone app, “CBP One” and try to secure an appointment with border ports of entry: Calexico and San Ysidro in California, Nogales in Arizona, Brownsville, Eagle Pass, Hidalgo and El Paso in Texas. The app is offering roughly 1,450 appointments per day, though an appointment does not guarantee entry, and the determination of admissibility is made on a case-by-case basis.

How has it impacted life at the border? What is the current state of mind? I had to go and see.

The full story is available on The Raw Society Stories
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Title 8 by Wayan Barre
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