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Location: San Juan, Puerto Rico
Biography: VOICES FOR PUERTO RICO  (Voces por Puerto Rico) is a nationwide grassroots humanitarian and nonpartisan initiative by Puerto Rican artists and influencers residing in the US to support rural and/or disconnected local communities affected in... read on
voices for puerto rico
Dec 8, 2017
The Nationwide Initiative Created by a Group of Artists and Entrepreneurs Will Donate $10,000-$30,000 To Different Entities

LA, CA; New York, NY; San Juan, PR -- December  6, 2017:
VOICES FOR PUERTO RICO’s (Voces por Puerto Rico) YOUCARING campaign to bring much needed financial resources directly to the people of Puerto Rico most affected by Hurricane María. Having raised a total of $250,000, the campaign, which officially ended on December 1st, 2017, was originally launched on October 2 by Roselyn Sánchez and Voices for Puerto Rico co-founders Mariem Pérez and Carlitos Ruiz (Calma Films, Inc), and Adriana Teresa Letorney (Visura.co). 

In a joint statement, the co-founders of Voices for Puerto Rico said: “Thank you for supporting our fellow Americans in Puerto Rico, whose lives have been devastated and silenced by Hurricane Maria, by helping to spread the word but more importantly by stepping up to the plate and donating as much as you could to rebuild Puerto Rico.”

Proceeds from the campaign have been distributed by RS Events for Life to the following non-profit organizations, amongst others:

  1. P.E.C.E.S.: $30,000 for installing an emergency solar power generator at Escuela Alternativa de P.E.C.E.S that would provide solar energy for critical systems: basic security, the computer network, and the school cafeteria’s refrigerator.
  2. Para la Naturaleza: $30,000 for eco-kits to be distributed to individuals in 30 targeted communities, and to outfit El Panes community center in Caguas with solar panels and batteries and a water filtration system.
  3. Sol es Vida: $30,000 to help rebuild the community center that helps the community of Villas del Sol, Toa Baja.
  4. Hogar la Milagrosa: $25,000 to help rebuild the roof of a building housing 14 orphaned girls.
  5. IDEBAJO: $25,000 for 8 solar fridges with freezers, materials to replace the roof of 5-7 houses and 6 gas stoves.
  6. COPIPR: $25,000k to build El Burén y Fogón Comunitario, an indoor kitchen and outdoor stove to feed 75 people a day for six months.
  7. Casa Pueblo de Adjuntas: $19,860.00 to purchase 10 refrigerators and 2.5 freezers and cover the costs of marine freight, ground transportation, docking charges and taxes and administrative.
  8. Juan Domingo en Acción: $20,000 to rebuild the high school La Nueva Escuela Juan Ponce de León.
  9. Atención, Atención Foundation: $30,000 to produce in partnership with Voices for Puerto Rico a series of training workshops and alternative tools for teachers in up to 10 local communities that each end with a final presentation for children in order to promote education post-Hurricane María.
  10. Beta Local: $10,000 for grants to fund cultural producers initiatives through El Serrucho Post-Maria Emergency Fund.
  11. Brownie Blondie Foundation: $2500 to rescue animals in critical conditions.
  12. Saving Ukulele: $1500 to save one dog with deformation. 
  13. PR Dog Foundation: $1000 to rescue abused and abandoned dogs in Puerto Rico. 

Actress and activist Roselyn Sánchez, and her RS Events for Life, a non-profit 501(c)3 organization based in Guaynabo, Puerto Rico, joined forces with artists, media personalities, community and business leaders in the U.S. mainland to support the campaign.

Among its supporters were such notable actors, producers, athletes, musicians and media entrepreneurs as Academy Award-winner Benicio del Toro, Luis Guzmán, Gina Rodríguez,Justina Machado, Jimmy Smits, Adam Rodríguez, Esai Morales, Rosie Pérez, Freddy Rodríguez, Dayanara Torres, Genesis Rodríguez, Lisa  Vidal, Norman Lear, Oskar Cartaya, Yukire ProductionsDe Paz Management, Calma Films and Visura.co.

Several individuals and organizations took it upon themselves to produce events in order to support Voices’ YOUCARING campaign, including Improvpios, Daniella Dutton, Brian Friedman (Dancing for a Cause), Mid Centura LA, Oscar Cartaya, Apt B Collective, Laughs for the Island, Sweat for PR, Stout, LulaRoe and Andrea Pérez, Jill Hoffman, David Rodríguez/ LOWER EAST SIDE- PUERTO RICO UNIDOS and Gloria Calderón Kellet.

The Voices Team also includes: Ivan de Paz, Sandra Teres, Liels Collazo, Yamil Ureña, Magda Rivera, José Mangual, Justina Machado, Lisa Vidal, Oskar Cartaya, and Rene Rigal. 

Supporting the Children of Puerto Rico

The Voices Team will remain committed to supporting local communities. Although this campaign ended on December 1st, 2017, its next project will be focused on supporting the children of Puerto Rico.

In addition to this campaign, Voices for Puerto Rico also:

  • Collaborated on a food and item drive produced by RS Events for Life   on October 1, 2017 in Los Angeles in which over 100,000 lbs of supplies were received and delivered on November 3 to the people of Naguabo and Humacao with the support of Foundation for Puerto Rico, Ranger Contigo, TIDAL and The Robertson Foundation For Government;
  • Launched a PSA campaign video produced by Calma Films cofounders Mariem Perez and Carlitos Ruiz, and José Mangual, Rene Rigal and Magda Ivonne Cartaya to raise awareness about the devastation from Hurricane Maria to rural and disconnected areas of Puerto Rico.
  • Launched an informational  website produced and sponsored by Visura.co.

VOICES FOR PUERTO RICO (Voces por Puerto Rico) is a nationwide grassroots humanitarian and nonpartisan initiative by Puerto Rican artists and influencers residing in the US to support rural and/or disconnected local communities affected in Puerto Rico by natural disasters and economic challenges.

VOICES FOR PUERTO RICO’s mission is to identify and support non-profit local organizations working directly with the community to provide basic resources, including proven alternative solutions to housing, accessing solar energy as well as offering art, cultural and sports initiatives in an effort to promote emotional and physical health.

To learn more about VOICES FOR PUERTO RICO please visit voicesforpuertorico.com.

#VoicesForPuertoRico, #VocesPorPuertoRico, #IGiveMyVoice, and #YoDoyMiVoz.     

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If you represent a nonprofit organization on the Island or are interested in partnering with VOICES, please email: info@voicesforpuertorico.com / contact@voicesforpuertorico.com

An initiative by the creative community worldwide to support those affected in Puerto Rico by Hurricane María.


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