Vision Workshops

501c3 Non-Profit Organization
Location: 801 Chase St (425.70 mi) Annapolis, Maryland 21401
Biography: We are the creative force behind a series of innovative educational enrichment programs for young people around the world, with a focus on photography and self-expression.  
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Matthieu Paley Supports VisionWorkshops
vision workshops
May 25, 2021
Photographer Matthieu Paley encourages donations to the VisionWorkshops fundraiser by offering a print as one of the incentives. Watch his video here and then click on the link. Donations will help VisionWorkshops expand their programs and reach more youth.
Join VisionWorkshops Fundraiser for Youth!, organized by Brianna Cabassa
Support the power of mentorship. Your generous tax-deductible donation wi… Brianna Cabassa needs your support for Join VisionWorkshops Fundraiser for Youth!

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Vision Workshops
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Vision Workshops

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Vision Workshops

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Vision Workshops

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Vision Workshops
Matthieu Paley Supports VisionWorkshops by Vision Workshops
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