Valérie Berta

Location: Columbia, MO, U.S.
Nationality: American, French
Biography: Valérie Berta is an international photographer based in the United States. She was born and raised on the Riviera, in the South of France, studied English in Paris and journalism at the University of Missouri­Columbia and worked as a... read on
The We Project
valérie berta
Oct 4, 2017
The We Project is a series of studio portraits of people in marginalized comunities in Columbia, Missouri: the African-American, LBGTQ and immigrant communities.
All three share a history of oppression and under-representation in our society, and and with the rise in bigotry and racism after the presidential election, it has become urgent that each of them be seen and celebrated, and that they finally find their full and rightful place within the tapestry of our humanity.
It is my hope that this project, by bringing these otherwise diverse and sometimes opposed communities together in intersectional dialogue (a Sunday intersectional portrait-model conversation brunch is in the make,) will help bridge the gaps between them and recognize the need for marginalized communities to unite in order to fight systemic, institutional and pervasive discrimination.
The projectstarted in the spring and in addition to shooting, I am currently working to secure funding to print the portrait in large format to be hung around town.

By Valérie Berta —

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