• Giovanna Mascetti

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  • Location: Caracas
    Nationality: Italian and Venezuelan
    Biography:     I began my photography studies at the Hanss Neuman Design Institute in Caracas, Venezuela, focusing at that time on laboratory work. Later I entirely dedicated to my studies in law and my career as a lawyer. In 2015 I decided to... read on
Updated Sep 22, 2017
Eternal Paths
By Giovanna Mascetti
Accustomed to living in the middle of Chaos, the first thing that...
Los Nevados Merida Venezuela Documentary, Environment, Environmental, Photography
Updated Apr 06, 2017
Autism Aloud
By Giovanna Mascetti
Updated Sep 21, 2017
Green Cross
By Giovanna Mascetti
UCV First Aids also Known as Green Cross is a group of medicine...
Caracas FirstAids, Medicine MedicineStudents FirstAids Caracas Protest GreenCross
Updated Dec 08, 2017
The Kids Are Alright
By Giovanna Mascetti
We are used to see images of Caracas charged of violence and...
Caracas Caracas