• Jeremy Hogan

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  • Location: Indiana
    Nationality: American
    Biography: Jeremy Hogan was born and raised in California and began freelancing for newspapers while still in high school. He is a graduate of the photojournalism program at San Jose State University, and has a bachelor of Science Degree in Journalism.... read on
Updated Nov 03, 2017
American Loathing
By Jeremy Hogan
This is a series of images I made over a year while taking vacation...
Black And White, Documentary, Elections, Fear, Historical, Militias, Photography, Photojournalism, Politics
Updated Sep 26, 2017
Farmworker Blues
By Jeremy Hogan
This is a series of images I mad...
Black And White, Documentary, Dying/Death, Immigration, Isolation, Photography, Poverty, Senior Citizens
Updated Sep 25, 2017
Antietam Battlefield
By Jeremy Hogan
I photographed the Antietam Civil War battle field and cemetery...
Antietam Battlefield Civil War
Updated Feb 12, 2018
White Lives Matter Rally
By Jeremy Hogan
Images from White Lives Matter rallies in Tennessee, October 28,...
Civil Rights, Civil Wars, Documentary, Editorial, Fear, Photography, Photojournalism, Politics, Racism
Updated Dec 11, 2017
Eden In Ashes
By Jeremy Hogan
I grew up in California, and I had vacation days to use, so I...
Documentary, Editorial, Environment, Fire, Landscape, Photography, Photojournalism
Updated Feb 12, 2018
By Jeremy Hogan
Trump was inaugurated as the 45th president of the deeply divided...
Documentary, Editorial, Elections, Feminism, Photography, Photojournalism, Politics, Protests, Womens Rights