• Daniel Uhlmann

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  • Location: Chamonix, France
    Nationality: American
    Biography:     American-born and residing permanently in France, Danny Uhlmann specializes in the mountain environments world-wide, He has documented cutting edge science in Antarctica, the legacy of dairy farms in the French Alps, and hard-core... read on


Updated Jul 01, 2016
Les Alapges
By Daniel Uhlmann
In Le Mont, a tiny village above the Arve river valley in the...
Updated Jul 01, 2016
Wakhan Corridor
By Daniel Uhlmann
In spring 2012 our team of four voyaged in the remote northeast...
Updated Jul 01, 2016
By Danny Uhlmann
Fosdick. A name known to very few. A place visited by even fewer....
Antarctica Mixed Medium
Updated Sep 21, 2017
By Daniel Uhlmann
Antarctica's Mt. Erebus is the southernmost active volcano on...
Mcmurdo, Antarctica Documentary, Education, Environment, Environmental, Landscape, Photography, Photojournalism, Science, Technology, Travel
Updated Mar 20, 2018
By Daniel Uhlmann
In November 2017 a team of paleobotanists and sedimentary...
Antarctica Aerial, Documentary, Editorial, Landscape, Photography, Portraiture