mara catalan

Photographer/artist/black and white fine art printer based in Brooklyn mara catalan portfolio on Visura - a professional network to connect with photo editors and art buyers, and build photography portfolio websites. Visura members, like mara, share photojournalism, art photography, landscape, travel photography, portraits and more. mara has 4 projects, 34 community news posts, and 14 images shared in the photo stream.

    Mara Catalán was born in Madrid. One of seven siblings, she is the great grand-daughter of Ramon Menendez Pidal, one of Spain’s leading humanists, and daughter of Diego Catalán,... read on
Polina at The Gateway - Bushwick
Fritz and a Tarantula at the Circus of Dreams. Bushwick
in conversation with a nude man
Bad times for USA.
Lost and found. Kyoto.
Times to Love. Brooklyn.
Beach games. Cuba.
Satan. Brooklyn. Feeling the pain of tomorrows Inauguration day.
Portrait of Jonah Bokaer. Choreographer. Bushwick.
Force. #NonGrata. Soria 2016
Choices. Spain.
Find the way out. Bushwick
My story
Watching you watching me. Cuba
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