• Glenn Fay, Jr.

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  • Location: Latitude:N 44° 28' 33.177
    Nationality: Seventh Generation Vermonter
    Biography:  Glenn creates fine art photography. His work has been selected for local juried galleries and newspapers. His landscape photo 'Addison Meadows' won the 2010 Shelburne Museum 'Views of Vermont' photo contest in 2010. Glenn is focused on... read on
Updated Mar 26, 2017
Ice Studies
By Glenn Fay, Jr.
Clean fresh water is not only vital to our survival but part of our...
Black And White, Environment, Environmental, Fine Art, Landscape, Photography, Science, Still Life, Texture, Underwater, Water
Updated Mar 29, 2017
Old Vermont Barns
By Glenn Fay, Jr.
Old Vermont barns are more than iconic structures on the landscape....
Old Vermont Barns
Updated Apr 05, 2016
Photos From Juried Galleries
By Glenn Fay, Jr.
These photos were selected by jurors for Darkroom Gallery exhibits...
Beauty, Black And White, Fashion, Fine Art, Landscape, Photography, Still Life
Updated Aug 30, 2017
Man Fay Realism 2016
By Glenn Fay, Jr.
This project tells a story of a small part of my psyche that...
Abstract, Black And White, Conceptual, Fantastic Realism, Fantastic Realism, Artistic, Fine Art, Personal, Photography, Still Life
Updated Dec 17, 2017
Darkroom Gallery Fashions
By Glenn Fay, Jr.
Advertising, Affluence, Arts, Beauty, Emotion, Fashion, Love, Portraiture, Relationships