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Inside-Outside Project: Europe

Monday, March 20, 2017 | News

From April until June of 2017, the Inside-Outside Project is setting out to follow the paths of the refugees on their way to find a new home. I begin in Turkey and end in Holland, following the route of the refugees and stopping in each country along the way.

Last time, I met refugee children who had just found safety. This time, I document what it is to be a refugee child on the move. The “Inside” is seen in the artwork created in art therapy-inspired classes. The “Outside” is shown with dignified, formal photographic portraits.

It is a unique way to show the effects of war and exodus on children.

I'll be teaming up with journalists along the way — this is supposed to be a collaboration.

Editors who are interested in getting in early, please contact me!

Website: http://insideoutsideproject.org/

Also, this is a crowdfunded project, and I'll be fundraising the whole time from http://gofundme.com/insideoutsideproject