Elizabeth Underwood

Photographer & Editor
The Year in Pictures 2020
Location: Buffalo, Wyoming, USA
Biography: Coming soon...
Public Story
The Year in Pictures 2020
Copyright Elizabeth Underwood 2023
Updated Jan 2021
Topics Editing, Photography, Photojournalism
The Columbia Missourian's Year in Pictures 2020 special section edited and designed by Elizabeth Underwood, Ethan Weston and Jacob Moscovitch.
I worked with fellow photo editor Ethan Weston to go through the almost 200,000 images taken by Columbia Missourian photographers to find the ones that best summarized life in mid-Missouri throughout the newsiest year. Of those photos, Weston and I settled on 63 images that best represented 2020 for the online product of the Year in Pictures 2020 special section. We then worked with designer Jacob Moscovitch to narrow that selection down to 14 images that made up the print product.

This is the print product with the digital product located here.
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The Year in Pictures 2020 by Elizabeth Underwood
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