Thyago Souza

Thyago Souza
Location: London
Nationality: Brazilian
Biography: THIAGO SOUZA Photographer based in England. Contributor at FotoColetivo
It was March 11th
thyago souza
Apr 4, 2020
It was March 11th, 2020
the streets were empty
the shops were closed
and the people were no longer outside

But the spring knew nothing about it.
And so the flowers continued to bloom.

It was March 11th, 2020,
everyone was placed in mandatory quarantine,
Grandparents, adults and your people,
Entire families,
That is when the fear became real
And the days all looked alike

But spring didn't know, and the roses kept blooming

Meanwhile, we rediscovered the joys of eating together
Of letting imagination free
Of traveling while reading book.

Despite all,
Dispute the virus,
Despite fear,
Despite death,

Because spring didn't know and it taught  everyone the power of life.

Poem adapter from the original written by ©Irene Vella.
Title: It was March 11th.