Sara White

Location: Lancaster
Nationality: American
Biography: Sara White is originally from Baltimore, MD but currently resides in Lancaster, PA where she attends the Pennsylvania College of Art & Deisgn to obtain her BFA in Photography. Her work aims to cause a reaction within the viewer; whether it be... read on
Senior Thesis: Presentation
sara white
Mar 29, 2018
Presentation. How am I going to present my senior thesis work? I want the presentation to be an extension of the work, to add something to it. But how? I attended a workshop recently on how to make your work gallery ready and what that really means. We were shown so many different methods of presentation and alternate ways of going about them. From building your own traditional frames to using masonite and glass. Really creating something that not only works for your art but elevates it. Something the instructor said that really stuck with me, "I create frames that work for and around my art, I don't try and make my art work around a frame." Hearing that really made me think about how I was going about deciding how to frame and hang my own work and how it can enhance the work further. 

By Sara White —

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