Sumaya Agha

Crossing Serbia
Location: Portland, OR
Nationality: American and Syrian
Biography: Sumaya Agha is a freelance photographer from Northern California, who has spent over four years documenting the Syrian refugee crisis in Jordan and Eastern Europe. She is of Syrian descent with many aunts, uncles and cousins still living in... MORE
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Crossing Serbia
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Updated Jan 2017
Location Serbia
Topics Documentary, Editorial, Photography, Photojournalism, Portraiture, Refugee Crisis, Refugees, Syrian Crisis

Throughout the freezing winter of 2016, 2,400 refugees on average crossed from Macedonia into Serbia every day. Up to 10,000 a day crossed in warmer months. The typical journey went like this: flee their home country, take a perilous raft ride from Turkey to Greece, and then move onward through foreign lands in search of a peaceful home. Now that the Balkans borders are closed to refugees, thousands are stranded in Eastern Europe, hoping to be relocated to Western Europe.

With the continuing conflicts in Syria and elsewhere, the refugee crisis is certain to go on as well; millions of regular people will continue to seek safety and some sense of normalcy in the absence of peace.

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Sumaya Agha / Kimball, NE


Sumaya Agha / Carbondale, co
Crossing Serbia by Sumaya Agha
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