Nolan Streitberger

Long Summer Days
Biography: I am an artist in Albany Oregon working in the medium of photography. I first learned photography while attending Oregon State University's JumpstART program, a pre-college of the arts for talented high school art students. I hold degrees in... read on
Public Story
Long Summer Days
Credits: nolan streitberger
Date of Work: 07/12/16 - Ongoing
Updated: 05/15/20
I grew up as a single child in a little home set in a small urban community. I was raised by a single father who worked during the day and was an artist in the evenings. Now, I am a stay at home father, and an artist, helping to raise my daughter, Haley.
This photo essay titled “Long Summer Days” follows my daughter's journey through childhood as she struggles with the boredom of living as a single child in the same small home where I grew up. We largely choose a device free lifestyle for her, which leads her to explore the world and envelop herself in her imagination and creativity. These images include subtle undertones and rich metaphors that disrupts the stereotypes of girls, while highlighting my daughter's delightfully unconsciousness strength, independence, defiance, and playfulness.

 She is at an age where she is developing her strong personality and it is a culmination
of all these elements which I am capturing and documenting.