Simon Skipper

Documentary photographer
Empowerment Coaching
Location: Copenhagen
Nationality: Danish
Biography: I am an internationally recognised and prize winning documentary photographer based in Copenhagen, Denmark. My editorial and commercial work has been published in The Guardian, Unicef, Berlingske, BT, Politiken, Kristeligt Dagblad, DR, TV2,... read on
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Empowerment Coaching
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Date of Work: 01/01/20 - 01/01/20
Updated: 01/24/20
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Are you feeling stuck?
Perhaps catching yourself thinking regularly "there must be more for me in this life.."

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In my heart I believe living (joy)fully, courageously, authentically and true to our purpose is not only possible, it's our birthright.

After a turbulent youth sent me searching for meaning, I've now spent +10 years and a large portion of my life income looking for the answers.

Answers, insights and tools I share through my Empowerment Coaching to help you live each day freely, empowered and on purpose.

To improve and care well for our outer world, we must start with establishing balance in our inner world.

I'm a Tony Robbins Mastery University graduate and a certified Emographics coach & current stud. Emographer, a therapeutic study focused on instant emotional reprogramming and lasting change.

Through our Empowerment Coaching sessions, we'll focus on locating what's standing between you and your goals, dreams and happiness.

We will clear your limiting beliefs and traumas through healing, exercises, energy work and tools from psychotherapy, NLP, EFT, mentoring, gestalt therapy, micro-expressions and more.

Through the unique self-tests and assessments I provide you with as my client, we'll quickly identify your issues clearly, heal them and replace them with new empowering habits and beliefs.

As a creative entrepreneur and photographer through nearly 10 years working with all kinds of people all over the world, I have the track record to help you heal your past, get unstuck, to help you identify and follow your purpose.

I promise to challenge you, support you, inspire you to instant growth and to empower you.

See what my clients have to say about my work in this short video.

By Simon Skipper —



By Simon Skipper


By Simon Skipper

Survival through Skateboarding

By Simon Skipper — EN / DA Skateboardhjul bliver smidt mod asfalten. Lyden drukner i Nairobis myldretidstrafk, hvor kernen af Kenyas skateboardmiljø er..

Survival through Skateboarding

By Simon Skipper — EN / DA With a loud crack,  skateboard wheels hit the rough asphalt. The sound is quickly lost amid the cacophony of the evening rush hour in..

Los Mariachis

By Simon Skipper


By Simon Skipper

The Will of a Skipper

By Simon Skipper
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