Brett Simison

Vermont Morgan Horse
Location: Vergennes, Vermont, USA
Nationality: USA
Biography: // Editorial, Documentary, Portrait // Brett Simison is an editorial, documentary, portrait, and commercial photographer. Assignments have taken him across the United States, Europe, Mexico, Asia, and Central and South... read on
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Vermont Morgan Horse
Credits: brett simison
Date of Work: 09/05/08 - 08/04/09
Updated: 05/01/18
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In Weybridge, Vermont the University of Vermont maintains the historic Morgan Horse Farm, where for more than a century breeders and trainers have been keeping the prized Morgan bloodline alive. Renowned for their noble spirit, feats of strength, and gentle disposition, the Morgan has emerged as one of the preeminent American breeds.

A short film on the farm is available here. Cinematography, sound recording, and editing by Brett Simison. Music by Nate Gusakov. The track "Abigail's Tune" is available on his new album Running Clear. Visit him at

Many thanks to Steve Davis, Nicole Grainger, and the staff and volunteers of the farm for their time and assistance with this project.

To learn more about the University of Vermont and the Morgan Horse Farm please visit

By Brett Simison —



By Brett Simison


By Brett Simison

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