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Bolivia, Ecuador, Peru

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La Carretera
By Roberto (Bear) Guerra
Updated Mar 23, 2015
“Highways, of course, alter everything. They change patterns of human...
Puerto Maldonado, Peru Altiplano, Amazon, Andean, Andes, Bear Guerra, Black And White, Deforestation, Documentary, Environment, Environmental, Globalization, Gold Mining, Highway, Immigration, Infrastructure, Interoceanic Highway, Jungle, Landscape, Migration, Peru, Photography, Photojournalism, Reportage, Roberto (Bear) Guerra, South America, Water
Behind The Mask
By ValéRie Berta
Updated Feb 02, 2016
Behind the Mask is the first part of an ongoing portrait project,...
Documentary, Family, Photography, USA
An Aging Pandemic
By K. Heinemann / N. Schegloff
Updated Dec 17, 2012
What does aging with HIV look like? The Graying of AIDS: Portraits from...
Aging, Documentary, Epidemics, Health/Healing, HIV/AIDS, Human Rights, Pandemics, Personal, Photography, Portraiture
The Violence Of Silence
By Paul Patrick Borhaug
Updated Dec 15, 2012
The Violence of Silence is a project that seeks to portray life in a...
By Jordi Ruiz Cirera
Updated Dec 21, 2012
They arrived in Bolivia during the fifties, coming from Canada, Mexico or...
In The Shadow Of A Gold Rush
By Albert Gonzalez Farran
Updated Sep 07, 2013
La Rinconada was a nice, quiet rural village in Peru’s Los Andes range...
Documentary, Dumps, Environmental, Gold, Gold Dumps, Gold Mining, La Rinconada, Mine, Mine Dumps, Miner, Mining, Peru, Peruvian, Photography, Photojournalism, Puno, South America, Workers' Rights
By Raul Charlin
Updated Oct 12, 2013
In the last years immigration of Peruvian citizens into Chile has grown...
Chile, Conceptual, Documentary, Globalization, Immigration, Latin America, Migration, Peru, Photography, Portraiture
By Maria Plotnikova
Updated Dec 04, 2013
In 2014 in Brazil will be celebrated the Football World Cup, one of the...
Action, Buenos Aires, Caracas, Documentary, Fan, Football, Medellin, Montevideo, Photography, Quito, Rosario, Santiago De Chile, Sport
Yo Soy Lo Que Soy
By Charlotte Schmitz
Updated Jan 07, 2014
- I am who I am - (2013) 75-year old Maria Judith del Carmen lives...
Ecuador Cancer, Documentary, Latin America, Machala, Photography, Portraiture, Science
By Blazej Marczak
Updated Feb 20, 2014
In 2011 I spent two months traveling around Peru. Unattached to any plan...
Documentary, Fine Art, Landscape, Latin America, Peru, Photography, Travel
The Mojos Project
By Ivano Grasso
Updated Apr 27, 2017
The Hydraulic Civilizations of The Mojos and Family Agriculture in the...
Bolivia Action, Aerial, Agriculture, Borders, Business, Capitalism, Climate Change, Community, Conservation, Documentary, Editorial, Education, Energy, Environment, Environmental, Epidemics, Family, Fire, Food, Forest, Globalization, Health/Healing, Hope, Hunger, Immigration, Industrial, Landscape, Latin America, Migration, Pandemics, Photography, Photojournalism, Politics, Portraiture, Poverty, Science, Street, Travel, Water
The Mudshow Diaries
By ValéRie Berta
Updated Aug 20, 2016
It's about us. It's about a small circus traveling around the country...
United States Documentary, Friends + Family, Photography, Photojournalism, Portraiture, The Mudshow Diaries
The PCCH Foundation
By Ivano Grasso
Updated Nov 03, 2014
The Paul Chester Children's Hope Foundation (PCCHF) is a registered 501c3...
Africa, Children, Documentary, Health/Healing, Human Rights, Hunger, Latin America, Medical, Medical Mission, Photography, Photojournalism, Portraiture, Travel, Youth
Beneath My Land
By Dijana Muminovic
Updated Nov 28, 2014
At the age of 12, I survived the Bosnian war hiding in basements, where I...
Bosnia Aftermath, Bosnia, Genocide, Photojournalism, War
By Cassandra Giraldo
Updated Nov 30, 2014
February 17, 2014: In the small town of Ollantaytambo nestled in Peru's...
Ollantaytambo, Peru Action, Belief, Candid, Celebrations, Community, Documentary, Editorial, Faith, Family, Happiness, Latin America, Photojournalism, Sports, Travel
Conservation Journal
By Jason Houston
Updated Oct 07, 2016
Independent Exhibition and Presentation I have been photographing...
Africa, Community, Conservation, Documentary, Editorial, Environment, Environmental, Fisheries, Latin America, Photojournalism, Portraiture
10 Seconds
By Almudena Toral
Updated Jan 11, 2015
10 seconds is the average time it takes crack cocaine to reach a human...
Sao Paulo, Brazil Crack, Cracolandia, Documentary, Harm Reduction, Sao Paulo
Ghosts In America
By Jonathan De Camps
Updated Apr 03, 2017
Ghosts In America Portraits of Undocumented Immigrants...
Miami, FL Abuse, Action, Arts, Borders, Civil Rights, Community, Conceptual, Discrimination, Documentary, Domestic Violence, Dreams, Education, Elections, Fine Art, Freedom, Gay Rights, GhostsInAmerica, Human Rights, Immigration, Latin America, Migration, Photography, Politics, Portraiture, School/College, Teens, Transgender, Workers' Rights, Youth
By Joan Alvado
Updated Feb 25, 2015
THE LAB Collective occupations: laboratories of housing against massive...
Barcelona Action, Activism, Alternatives, Capitalism, Catalonia, Civil Rights, Community, Crisis, Documentary, Editorial, Homelessness, Hope, Housing, Human Rights, Immigration, Personal, Photojournalism, Politics, Protests, Spain
El Mercado
By Roberto (Bear) Guerra
Updated Mar 21, 2015
Work from ongoing project documenting everyday life and activities in and...
Quito, Ecuador Black And White, Community, Daily Life, Documentary, Ecuador, Latin America, Market, Personal, Quito, San Roque, Street
By Txomin Txueka
Updated Apr 07, 2015
ILLIMANI: Told by the eye: A tale may be told by the mouth, or by...
La Paz, Bolivia. Documentary, Editorial, HIV/AIDS, Human Rights, Photojournalism, Portraiture, Prison, Protests, Revolution, Women's Rights
The MatséS
By Paul Patrick Borhaug
Updated Sep 18, 2015
The Matsés are an indigenous people whose territories are divided by the...
Javari, Peru Blood Of The Earth, Environmental, Indigenous, Landscape, MatséS, Matses, Oil, Photojournalism, Portraiture, Rainforest, Wildlife
Al Otro Lado (On The Other Side)
By Misha Vallejo
Updated May 04, 2015
"You're gonna get mugged, kidnapped or killed!" - This what I was told by...
Ecuador Abandonment, Children, Civil Rights, Civil Wars, Documentary, Environment, Human Rights, Immigration, Latin America, Minority, Peace, Personal, Photojournalism, Poverty, War
Once Inca
By Graham Letorney
Updated Apr 01, 2017
Once Inca   This account starts on March 16 in the valley of Cuzco,...
Cusco, Peru Conceptual, Photography
Plastic Trees
By Eduardo Leal
Updated Nov 16, 2016
The world consumes 1 million every minute, it was consider by Guinness...
Uyuni, Bolivia Documentary, Environmental, Fine Art, Still Life
Wrestling Cholitas
By Eduardo Leal
Updated Nov 16, 2016
Every Sunday afternoon on the city of El Alto, once merely suburb of the...
La Paz, Bolivia Documentary, Photojournalism, Sports, Travel
Bolivian Ball
By Eduardo Leal
Updated Nov 30, 2016
Travis Dupree comes from Eastman, a small town in central Georgia. He...
Potosi, Bolivia Black And White, Documentary, Editorial, Sports
Ghost Town Democracy
By Eduardo Leal
Updated Nov 30, 2016
Countries like the United States and the UK are trying to integrate...
La Paz, Bolivia Documentary, Editorial
By Gary Mesa-Gaido
Updated Aug 11, 2015
Peru Environmental, Landscape, Photography, Travel
Peru Streets_2015
By Willie Hiatt
Updated Aug 15, 2015
Lima, Limaperu, Limastreets, Peru Street Photography, Perustreets, Street Photography
By GéRald Sourdot
Updated Aug 15, 2015
Here is a series of photos I selected from travels I made throught Laos...
Candid, Documentary, Portraiture, Street, Travel
Paro Nacional | Quito, Ecuador | August 2015
By Roberto (Bear) Guerra
Updated Aug 21, 2015
p.p1 {margin: 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px; font: 11.0px Helvetica;...
Quito, Ecuador Activism, Black And White, Capitalism, Community, Corruption, Documentary, Emotion, Environment, Freedom, Globalization, Human Rights, Indigenous, Latin America, Oil, Oppression, Photojournalism, Politics, Protests, Soldiers, Women's Rights, Workers' Rights, Youth
AncóN, Peru Story Pitch
By Jason Houston
Updated Apr 11, 2018
Independent Project ( Unpublished) Ancón is a coastal town 50kms north...
AncóN, Peru Community, Conservation, Documentary, Editorial, Environment, Environmental, Food, Latin America, Photojournalism
San Antonio
By Ila Coronel
Updated Sep 26, 2015
San Antonio Ecuador Caminando por Antonio , tenemos el alcance del dinero...
Sigsig Children, Conceptual, Culture, Documentary, Ecuador, Fine Art, Multimedia, Personal, Sigsig, TradicióN, Tradition
Spanish Photographer
By AdriáN DomíNguez
Updated Jun 10, 2018
For some years the National Arts Award was given to our photographer...
Spain Arts, Black And White, Celebrity, Documentary, Editorial, Fine Art, Photography, Portraiture
Nobody Saw, Nobody Cares
By Ila Coronel
Updated Jan 25, 2016
nobody saw, nobody cares  31 December 24 hours, people get excited,...
Layka Qota, Lake Titicac Festivals And Traditions
By Hector Emanuel
Updated Mar 23, 2016
This is a series from my current project documenting festivals, traditions...
Puno Peru Black And White, Documentary, Editorial, Fine Art, Landscape, Personal, Photography, Photojournalism, Portraiture, Street, Travel
Folklor Festival In ŠUmperk 2015
By Lenka Hoffmannova
Updated Feb 02, 2016
I took photos of XXVth folklore festival in Šumperk from 12th to 17th...
Czech Republic, ŠUmperk Folklor Dance
The Shaman Journey
By Diana Bagnoli
Updated Dec 19, 2016
MAYANTUYACU In the heart of the Amazon rainforest, on the banks of...
SHAMAN , CURANDERO, SELVA, MAYANTUYACU, ASHANINKA, ETNIC, AYAHUASCA, SELVA, RAIN, WATER, Shaman, Curandero, Peru, Amazonian, Ayahuasca, Ashaninka, Heal, Healing, Cancer, Treatment, Alternative, Zen, Mystic, Shamanism, Spiritual, Forest, Steam
The Shaman Journey
By Diana Bagnoli
Updated Apr 29, 2016
Abstract, Belief, Conceptual, Documentary, Editorial, Emotion, Environment, Environmental, Fine Art, Forest, Landscape, Photography, Travel
Dia De La Patria
By Cesar Dezfuli
Updated Feb 03, 2017
August 6th, Bolivia. Día de la Patria, memorial day to celebrate the...
America, Celebrations, Culture, Documentary, Editorial, Events, International, Landscape, Nation, Photography, Photojournalism, Portraiture, Travel
By Shin Woong-Jae
Updated Aug 09, 2017
Candid, Documentary, Personal, Photography, Portraiture
By Livia Radwanski
Updated Jan 17, 2018
Valley of the Dawn: Jaguars in an transitional Era towards the Third...
Documentary, Photography, Photojournalism, Religion
Bolivian Dreams
By Eduardo Leal
Updated May 16, 2016
Linked to the celebration of the harvest and the arrival of the rains in...
La Paz, Bolivia Celebrations, Conceptual, Documentary, Hope, Photography
Europe's Depopulated
By AdriáN DomíNguez
Updated Aug 21, 2017
The European Union considers uninhabited a territory when it has less than...
Celtiberian Mountain Range, Iberian Peninsula Abandonment, Aging, Agriculture, Black And White, Community, Desert, Discrimination, Documentary, Editorial, Environment, Environmental, Forest, Globalization, Isolation, Lifestyle, Migration, Minority, Photography, Photojournalism, Politics, Poverty
Indigenous Portraits
By Luiz C. Ribeiro
Updated Mar 24, 2017
Indigenous populations are the truly guardians of our environment, without...
Palmas, Tocantins Arts, Community, Environment, Forest, Latin America, Mixed Medium, Personal, Photography, Photojournalism, Portraiture
By Luiz C. Ribeiro
Updated Feb 23, 2018
Photojournalism  is a particular form of journalism complying...
Photography, Photojournalism, Street
Germany Vs Brazil - World Cup Game
By Luiz C. Ribeiro
Updated Aug 13, 2016
The  Brazil vs Germany   football  match that took place on 8...
Editorial, Photography, Sports
Las Visionarias
By Chris Carruth
Updated Sep 15, 2016
Synopsis:   The Visionaria Network supports indigenous women and...
Urubamba, Peru Community, Editorial, Empowerment, Environment, Feminism, Latin America, Peru, Photography, Poverty, Travel
Transit: On The Way To USA
By Pierre Michel JEAN
Updated Oct 24, 2016
Synopsis Work and lacking growth for two years in Brazil and immigrants...
SãO Paulo Photography, Photojournalism
Seguridad Privada
By Gonzalo Pardo
Updated Feb 16, 2017
* Ongoing project * Santa Seguridad de la Sierra Una sirena pulsante. Un...
Capitalism, Community, Documentary, Fear, Latin America, Photography, Photojournalism, Portraiture, Workers' Rights
By Vito Fusco
Updated Oct 11, 2016
Perù (Click here to see the book) Many travelers choose to take a...
America, South America, Perù, Perù, South Amaerica,
By Eduardo Leal
Updated Nov 24, 2017
On the 16 th April 2016 at 18:58 local time, the earth became alive for 75...
Ecuador Aftermath, Catastrophe, Documentary, Earthquake, Editorial, Photography, Photojournalism
By Luke Duggleby
Updated Oct 15, 2016
Taken for granted in modern times salt remains one of the most important...
Commodity, Community, Documentary, Editorial, Environment, Environmental, Food, Landscape, Photography, Photojournalism, Portraiture, Salt, Travel
By Luke Duggleby
Updated Nov 06, 2017
Documentary, Editorial, Environmental, Landscape, Photography, Photojournalism, Portraiture, Travel
Amazon's Isolated Tribes
By Jason Houston
Updated Apr 01, 2018
Cover Story for Science Magazine  (June 2015) & On-Going...
Climate Change, Documentary, Editorial, Environmental, Globalization, Photography, Photojournalism
Mining The Peruvian Highlands
By Jason Houston
Updated Mar 28, 2017
Independent Project A short self-assignment supported by the Pulitzer...
Documentary, Editorial, Environment, Environmental, Landscape, Photography, Photojournalism, Water
2016 CNN Year In Photos
By Chris Carruth
Updated Nov 01, 2016
Sinforosa (last name witheld), one of three Quechuan sisters living in the...
Ollantaytambo (Huilloc), Peru Documentary, Editorial, Photography, Photojournalism, Portraiture, Travel
La Puente
By Charlotte Schmitz
Updated Jan 27, 2018
2017 170 women work in the biggest brothel of South Ecuador, in the city of...
Machala Ecuador Arts, Brothel, Conceptual, Documentary, Ecuador, Gender, Instant Photography, Nail Polish, Photography, Portraiture, Prostitution, Sexuality, Women
By Diana Bagnoli
Updated Jan 03, 2017
PERUVIAN CURANDEROS OF THE ANDES Pre Columbian traditional medicine...
Arts, Documentary, Editorial, Environmental, Fine Art, Landscape, Peace, Personal, Photography, Photojournalism, Portraiture, Spirituality, Wildlife