Sylvia de Swaan

Art & Documentary Photographer
Black Lives Matter
Location: Utica, New York
Nationality: Romanian Born/Now Ukraine
Biography: I’m a Romanian born art and documentary photographer who works on several long-term projects concurrently, often informed or influenced by world events. Thus my longest running work, "Return," currently titled, "Narratives:... read on
Private Story
Black Lives Matter
Credits: sylvia de swaan
Updated: 08/09/20
Utica, NY is a liberal post industrial multicultural city in Upstate, NY  that has welcomed refugees fleeing climate catastrophes and authoritarian regimes from many parts of the world.
The Resource Center for Refugees of the Mohawk Velley provides English language classes, resettlement training and community resources to newly arrived immigrants preparing them for eventual naturalization as American Citizens. Likewise Utica has become an active center for "Black Lives Matter" activity with multi ethnic participation, calling attention to the facts that No Hman is Illegal, that Anti Semitism is Racism; That Women's Rights are Human Rights, that Science is Real, Love is Love and that no matter your Faith Kindness is Everything.


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