Rosem Morton

Donning and Doffing
Location: Baltimore
Nationality: Philippines
Biography: Rosem Morton is a Filipina photojournalist and nurse based in Baltimore, Maryland. She documents human resilience amidst gender violence, health disparities and cultural displacement. Rosem is a National Geographic Explorer and a 6x6 World Press... read on
Public Story
Donning and Doffing
Donning and Doffing

Story and photographs featured on National Geographic (Part 1, Part 2) and at Photoville 2020

Since the start of the pandemic, health workers have been operating in difficult conditions as they continue to save lives on the frontlines.

At the hospital where I work, staff are balancing caring for patients with a limited supply of personal protective equipment, while trying to keep track of changing protocols and working conditions.

I have been chronicling my experiences as a nurse during these times. From making space for new training to worrying about everyone's safety, I, alongside my colleagues, are in close contact with the virus. Many of these factors add to the grief and anxiety around and within me.

On my days off, my husband, an ICU nurse at a different hospital, and I try to relax and enjoy our time together, even if the mental and emotional toll of the crisis lingers around us.

It is my hope for the public to understand the emotional and physical tolls on healthcare workers as we continue to take to care of patients while the novelty of the pandemic wears off and the crisis becomes normalized.