Remon Haazen

Pension Reform Protests
Location: Paris France
Nationality: Dutch
Biography: Remon Haazen is a Dutch photographer based in Paris. His stories reflect his own doubts, interests and worries about contemporary life. E-mail: Tel: +33 (0) 766309996
Public Story
Pension Reform Protests
Credits: remon haazen
Updated: 08/13/20
Location: Paris
Plans by the government of Emmanuel Macron to reform the pensions for French civil servants has been met with worry and anger. As other European countries passed the changes to make people work longer without much public outrage or hostility towards their respective governments , the French did not accept them as easily. The yellow vest movement, les gilets jaunes, already showed the discontent that is present in French society, especially for those who are considered “the working poor”, people who work but who are left with nothing at the end of the month or even come up short. The pension reform protests gathered radicalised yellow vests, police crime scene investigators, anti capitalists, firemen and even lawyers into the streets and some protest turned violent. The following images were all taken in Paris between December 2019 and February 2020.

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