Oto Marabel

Pademba Prision (Sierra Leone)
Location: Mallorca
Nationality: Spain
Biography: Two times winner of Badajoz Journalism Awards. In 2016 selected in"First Impressions: Magnum Portfolio Reviews" Visa pour l'image16 (Perpignam). 2018 Finalist SIPA international contest. 2 Honor Mentions in Px3´18 (Paris Prix... read on
Public Story
Pademba Prision (Sierra Leone)
Copyright oto marabel 2021
Date of Work 01/03/18 - 01/11/18
Updated 04/06/18
Location Freetown
Over the door of the entrance courtyard to Pademba a recluse wrote: "Never trust no one. Do not even trust yourself ". Its his  welcome present to the news ones. A very valuable advice.
The first minutes inside the prison of pademba, are a fight against the thousands of acid smells that I feel. It smells like sickness and death. Thousands of hopeless faces tell me about their illnesses, and they ask me for some soap. “Something happens to all of us. We need soap, water and medicines, please” ... said ALFRED J. a prisoner .
This is Pademba. The jail of Freetown has capacity for 300 persons but almost 2.000 men live heaped and in subhuman conditions. In the heaped prison of Pademba, the biggest and unpopular of Freetown (Sierra Leone), 60 % of the convicts is infected of tuberculosis.
Some of them are orphan minors condemned for strolling around without course, any others spend years in Pademba waiting for a court.


En la hacinada prisión de Pademba, la más grande e impopular de Freetown (Sierra Leona), un 60% de los reos está infectado de tuberculosis. Y hay hasta menores huérfanos condenados por vagar sin rumbo


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