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'Forever Pain, Do Something'
Location: Nairobi, Kenya
Nationality: Kenyan
Biography: Hi, I am a documentary photographer born, raised, and based in Nairobi, Kenya. I aim to capture the essence of a place vividly exploring ways in which the visuals I take will aid the development of the story. Among the topical issues, I explore... read on
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'Forever Pain, Do Something'
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Updated 07/15/21
'Forever Pain, Do Something' ongoing.
Quality care, inclusion, and equal opportunities are some of the major elements organizations fight for in order to have a fully inclusive community; for everyone. As one of the marginalized groups (includes special schools) of people living with a particular disorder, it is unfortunate that education surrounding epilepsy is still low. 'Forever Pain, Do something' is a friendly conversation between me and Christopher whom I've known since my primary four classes and he is epileptic. It's evident how we use to dissociate from him in whatever we did back then as kids. Now, every time I meet him, he is always looking for opportunities, every time we meet, he'll ask me if I know somewhere he'll go clean and get paid and every time he will always tell me the pain he's feeling and how his medicines work.
Amidst the pandemic, Chris felt closer to people than before due to the curfews and lockdowns. Unfortunately, it is also at this time (at the peak of the pandemic) that the place he used to pick medicine got shut down. This meant he had to struggle to get them and he could get worse sometimes, and this was terrifying to the people around him. This work explores the insufficient care, inclusion, awareness, and the lacking opportunities in community minority groups.

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