Nina Berman

Documentary photographer
Location: New York City
Nationality: American
Biography: Nina Berman is a documentary photographer, filmmaker, author and educator. Her wide-ranging work looks at  American politics, militarism,  post violence trauma and resistance.  Her photographs and videos have been exhibited at more... MORE
In/Visible War book published
Private Draft
nina berman
Jun 17, 2017
In/Visible War:  The Culture of War in 21st Century America is published by Rutgers University Press.  My work is on the cover and inside as a  12 page portfolio and written essay.   The book is provocative reading for those interested in a central paradox: in American culture war is both ubiquitous and invisible.

Edited by Jon Simons, John Louis Lucaites Contributions by Nina Berman, David Campbell, Christopher J. Gilbert, Jeremy G. Gordon, Rebecca A. Adelman, Wendy Kozol, Jon Simons, Jody Madeira, Roger Stahl, De Witt Douglas Kilgore, Claudia Breger, Purnima Bose, Diane Rubenstein, James Der Derian, John Louis Lucaites
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