Paolo Munari Mandelli

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Location: Bologna
Nationality: Italian
Biography: Let me present myself. I was born in Bologna, in 1983 since I was a child I've always love red a book like a photography book, and bibliography book. Professional storytelling photographer. Only many years later I discovered my passion for... read on
Public Story
Interaction and communications
Credits: paolo munari mandelli
Date of Work: 06/01/15 - 06/25/15
Updated: 04/24/17
Location: New York

Interaction and communications in the digital era.

For Wikipedia, the definitions of human behavior is: “refers to the array of every physical action and observable emotion associated with individuals, as well as the human race as a whole. While specific traits of one's personality and temperament may be more consistent, other behaviors will change as one moves from birth through adulthood. In addition to being dictated by age and genetics, behavior, driven in part by thoughts and feelings, is an insight into individual psyche, revealing among other things attitudes and values. Social behavior, a subset of human behavior, study the considerable influence of social interaction and culture. Additional influences include ethics, encircling, authority, rapport, hypnosis, persuasion and coercion” So, Interaction and communications in the digital era it's talking about the expression, gesture and behavior of the people in front of an art works through to use to the new technology. With my personal project I try to attempt and explore the people behavior and his Internal conflict with the new technology especially in front of the art works inside the museum. How people move in a museum? What people do in front of art works? We are encircled by the new technology and seems we can't live without it. We could say that we are the new kind of slave, always in contact with each other, where we can see everything and know everything about the subject. The sensation about the digital era is that It will be take us to isolate of the rest of the world, always connected with a digital world where you can find a lot of things, but in most of cases you can lose yourself in the middle of the useless things.


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