Marcio Pimenta

Freelancer photographer. Contributor at National Geographic, The Guardian, Rolling Stone.
Stress Nexus - Latin America and Caribbean Chapter
Location: Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil
Nationality: Brazilian
Biography: Marcio Pimenta is a freelance photographer and journalist based in the South of Brazil. His work was featured in National Geographic, Rolling Stone, The Guardian, The Wall Street Journal and El País. He has received numerous awards for his... read on
“Stress Nexus - Latin America and Caribbean Chapter” is a documentary and artistic exploration. A long-term project - in progress - that aims to research, testify and document an important issue in times of climate change: the relationship between of the Human being to physical geography, ie climate, natural resources, borders, energy sources, food, cultural identities, economy and space, in a time of complex transition that is also reflected in everyday life, especially of people who will suffer from climate change before they can adapt.

Since January 2018 I have been traveling across the continent documenting this relationship.

This project has a partnership of Pulitzer Center / Rainforest Journalism Fund.

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