Matt Moyer

Guns for Hire: Private Security in Afghanistan
Location: Syracuse, New York
Biography: Matt Moyer is a photojournalist, teacher, and public speaker who focuses on social and cultural issues. Moyer, has photographed multiple feature stories for National Geographic  magazine and is a National Geographic Explorer. His assignments... MORE
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Guns for Hire: Private Security in Afghanistan
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Updated May 2022
Topics Documentary, Editorial, Journalism, Photography, Photojournalism, War, War and its effects, Weapons
This group of men work for the private military company Crucible providing security for U.S. State Department contractors in Afghanistan. The men who decide to work as private security contractors often base their decision to do so upon a combination of a feeling of patriotic duty, a desire for action, and the ability to make a lot of money. Private military contractors work in many of the world’s war zones often with little oversight from any government.
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Guns for Hire: Private Security in Afghanistan by Matt Moyer
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