Molly Peters

Location: Los Angeles
Nationality: American
Biography: Molly Peters is a Los Angeles-based fine art and documentary photographer currently available for assignment. She earned her BA in Photography and Italian Studies at Bard College in 2010, and her MFA in Photography from the Hartford Art School in... read on
Media News
"Rancho" on Washington Post InSight
molly peters
Nov 26, 2019
Many thanks to Chloe Coleman and the Washington Post InSight section for featuring "Rancho" today! It's truly an honor. Please take a moment and check out the full story here.

Perspective | Scenes from Los Angeles’s equestrian oasis, nestled within the suburban sprawl
Photographer Molly Peters was surprised to rediscover her equestrian roots after moving to Burbank, Calif.


By Molly Peters —

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