Melissa Bartucci

Location: New York City
Nationality: American
Biography: Melissa Bartucci   is a New York City based artist. A retired professional dancer, she made a transiton to behind the lens, capturing emerging freelance dancers and choreographers of a new era of dance in the 21st century. She is self... read on
melissa bartucci
May 28, 2015

It was a warm and gorgous morning as I headed to the Gibney Studios in downtown NYC to observe and capture Choreographer Jessica Chen. 

Jessica is in the very early stages of creating various works. When I arrived she greeted me and we made a bit of small talk but I made a point to leave her to work on her own, as she usually likes to do to prepare before her dancers arrive for the rehearsal. Slowly they filtered in, chatting and warming up, the room grew more and more humid. 

 Jessica was working with a dancer on some very intricate, specific and detailed movement, first demonstrating, and then passing it on to him to work on. They went back and forth, taking turns dancing the phrase, it almost blurring together into a pas de deux at a point. I was listening so intently and watching, enjoying it that I had sort of forgot my camera in my hand..this sort of happens to me, it's a bit amusing I guess, I've said it before that the dancer part inside of me comes to the forefront sometimes and I lose myself in that dance. However I managed to snap myself out of that because all of a sudden it happened incredibly fast--Jessica--who is a beautiful dancer in her own right--in seconds threw herself into the movement, the camera found my eye, and caught her. 



By Melissa Bartucci —



By Melissa Bartucci — Choreographer Manuel Vignoulle and Stephanie Williams rehearsing Vignoulle's work L'ANGE ET LA BETE. Melissa Bartucci 2017

Ballet Memphis, Joyce Theater, NYC

By Melissa Bartucci — Ballet Memphis in Steven McMahon's CONFLUENCE


By Melissa Bartucci — Antaun Byers in a recent rehearsal of Choreographer Adrienne Hurd's EMBRACE ME.


By Melissa Bartucci — Choreographer Royce Zackery experiments new movement ideas with Nomad Contemporary Ballet Dancers Satomi Itohara and Taylor Kindred. 


By Melissa Bartucci — Photography is my love, but so is teaching. I love being a part of a long standing tradition of the art of ballet, to pass on your knowledge,..

No Words

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The Art of Creating Dances

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