Max Hirshfeld

Location: Washington DC
Nationality: US
Biography: Max Hirshfeld is recognized as a master at spotting decisive moments while revealing the warmth and humanity of his subjects. He has undertaken several focused projects over the past decade. From 2002-2005, in a series titled One Shot, Hirshfeld... read on
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Sweet Noise: Love in Wartime
max hirshfeld
Jul 12, 2019
I'm very excited to announce that Sweet Noise: Love in Wartime, my book about my parents who survived Auschwitz was on press last week in Bologna. Stay tuned for updates regarding the October release by Damiani Editore.


By Max Hirshfeld —

Books News

Washington Post In Sight

By Max Hirshfeld — Perspective | This book provides an intimate look at lives forever changed by the Holocaust Photographer Max Hirshfeld tells the story of his..
Books News

Sweet Noise: Love in Wartime

By Max Hirshfeld — Thrilled to share the news that I reached—and exceeded—my Kickstarter goal and can now finish production on my book. Huge heartfelt..

Sweet Noise: Love in Wartime

By Max Hirshfeld — Thrilled to announce the October release of my first book, Sweet Noise: Love in Wartime  that tells the story of my parents survival from..


By Max Hirshfeld — Two weeks updating my travel portfolio in Milan, Venice and Florence.
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National Portrait Gallery Commissions Max Hirshfeld to photograph the Secretary of The Smithsonian

By Max Hirshfeld — I was recently honored as just the second photographer — Arnold Newman was the first — to be commissioned by the National Portrait Gallery to..

Re-Vision: Looking anew at the art of Philip Johnson and the design of the Kreeger Museum

By Max Hirshfeld — Along with five other photographers, I was commissioned to document The Kreeger Museum in Washington, Philip Johnson’s masterful work of..
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