Giovanna Mascetti

Green Cross
Location: Caracas
Nationality: Italian and Venezuelan
Biography: I began my photography studies at the Hanss Neuman Design Institute in Caracas, Venezuela, focusing at that time on laboratory work. When i finished school i started studying law and for a few years i completely focused on my career as a lawyer.... MORE
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Green Cross
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Date of Work Apr 2017 - Ongoing
Updated Sep 2017
Location caracas
Topics FirstAids, Medicine MedicineStudents FirstAids Caracas Protest GreenCross
UCV First Aids also Known as Green Cross is a group of medicine students and practicing doctors who provided medical assistance to the injured during the anti government protests that took place in Caracas during april to July 2017. The group was born in 2014, when a group of protesters took to the streets to call for the government of President Nicolás Maduro to step down in a movement known as "La Salida,"
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