Felix Marquez

Location: Veracruz, Mexico
Nationality: Mexican
Biography: Félix Márquez is an independent photographer and visual journalist based in Mexico. Márquez has specialized in covering the war against drug trafficking in Mexico, migration, human rights and childhood in Latin America.... MORE
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About my photo in the migrant caravan. Text by Merel Bem for De Volkskrant
felix marquez
Dec 30, 2021
"How on earth do all those people and all that stuff (backpacks, a stroller loaded with bags, in the distance a bicycle) fit on that one trailer? What are they holding onto when that thing starts moving? What happened to the woman in the foreground, white T-shirt, blue jeans - at least: what happened to her upper body, was it ever recovered? And who do the black Crocs-clad feet sticking out of the human mountain to her left belong to?"

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Felix Marquez
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Felix Marquez / veracruz

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Felix Marquez

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Felix Marquez

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Felix Marquez / Xalapa
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Felix Marquez / Santiago

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Felix Marquez / fredrikstad
About my photo in the migrant caravan. Text by Merel Bem for De Volkskrant by Felix Marquez
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